Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Baby Louisa, sculpted 24.6.10

Hi folks! Introducing little baby Louisa. The first baby I have sculpted on my own at home. I followed the great tutorial notes that I bought home from the Cath Roberts class I attended.

At the class I picked up lots of hints and tips. The ladies kept talking about 'moonies', which I chuckled at.... the image of peep's flashing their bottoms out of car windows keep popping into my mind. But I know what they are talking about now as little Louisa has a couple on her head! If anyone has any suggestions on how to avoid them/get rid of them please let me know.

I'm looking forward to some cooler weather to do some more sculpting. I'm finding it a little difficult to handle the clay when it's too hot.

I love how cute Louisa's feet turned out. They are so sweet...

...and really dinky. Louisa is anatomically correct.

Here's a full view of Louisa.

...and a couple of pictures of her in my hand so you can see the scale.
I hope you like baby Louisa.
Ciao for now!
Sandra x


  1. Sandra she is FAB i still cannot beleiev that you have made her, your talent is utterly amazing hugs Posp x x x

  2. I'm speechless, it's just fantastic... Woooow!!!


  3. Hi Sandra
    wow that is amazing,the detail you have done on it is stunning, sue,x

  4. To answer your question..........put some pants on her head :P xxx

  5. She's amazing, Sandra. I don't know how you manage to handle something so small, I'd be all fingers and thumbs. I love her expression and those little feet!!!!! I'm feeling sentimental today 'cos I've just given all our baby stuff away and it brought a lump to my throat-still you can't hold onto stuff forever and it's gone to a good home.
    Hugs Lisax

  6. lovely work Sandra keep up the good work love Dorothy

  7. This is amazing! Im in love with her already. :) Linda

  8. This is something you should be really proud of, you have quite a gift for this sort or

  9. Oh Danny she is gorgeous! Must take you blinking ages!!! Like the tan on your hand too, is it just the one hand or have you tanned both?
    Love Arnie.xx